Friday, May 8, 2009


i love children. obviously. i work at a school. there is something about their imagination, their purity, their honestly that i find so refreshing. i wish adults didn't lose that and become corrupt a**holes, but hey, i'm not God here, so can't do much about that. i have "rules" i hold myself to. just little things that are important to my character, that i make sure i always follow. even when no one is around. one of my rules, my favorite, is that i NEVER have and NEVER will drive by a lemonade stand. it literally takes all of 30 seconds and you absolutely make a kid's day. i start smiling immediately when i see one of those fold up tables on the side of the road. might be one of the cutest things kids do. if i can i try to give them money in the form of dollars, and never ask for change. one dollar to put in their paper cup? best dollar spent.

whether you stop or not at a lemonade stand speaks volumes about a person. they are too rushed, too busy, too 'important', too whatever-all i know is if you are a non lemonade stand stopper, you probably aren't that happy. you aren't a stop and smell the roses type of person. this should be a first date question... if they don't stop.... you should stop. stop your date and get the hell out of there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

losing my blogging virginity

ok so i have never done this before and when my coworker turned best friend M said she had a blog (one of many secrets we shared over a night of too many mich ultras)i was addicted. to reading hers. and another coworkers. read it all the time, laughed, and thought hey, lord knows i have plenty to say.. maybe i should put it out there. air my thoughts in to the online atmosphere, so here we go. do i have to do an introduction? i am not sure. i will tell you this- i am 24 (with a frightening birthday coming up in less than a month: the BIG 2-5) i work as a teaching assistant at a gorgeous private school in CT which i am totally obsessed & in love with, i have a fantastic boyfriend who i live with ... i will get to him in a few, i am abnormally close with my parents who live in MA, i am blond and have a major personality. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

okay, so about the boyfriend. he is the sweetest, most loving, considerate, thoughtful man. in. the. world. only problem? sometimes he says things, he thinks are harmless that totally get interpreted by me in only a way that a woman would interpret. Tonight's example:

I am obsessed with celebrities, so we were looking at pics from the MET's costume gala online and we are comparing their outfits etc (I know, what a sweet guy to do this with me) so all of a sudden i am looking at Diane Kruger, total babe. then giselle. then kate beckinsale. You get the point. So then i see a picture of a casual beyonce in shorts and i say, see even if i got down to the weight i would want to be, my thighs would still look like beyonces. i have that kind of bod. (not that im fat or anything but you know, certainly will never be a rail) and then i show giselle and say, even if i was anorexic, i STILL couldn't have thighs like that. not my build. and HE says "yeah, cuz you and beyonce are like big boned." BIG BONED?! BIG FREAKIN BONED?! that is what over weight people use as a cop out to staying fat. well, can't lose the weight, i'm big boned. NO. and he didn't get it?! he thought i was a psycho for how i reacted. i am currently on my bed. he is watching tv........ he was like baby, not fat, i meant your build, you even said it yourself, you are more like beyonce then whoever... ugh. am i a crazy girl?? i think not. boys don't know how to word things. ever. what was that saying? girls rule boys drool. yes. on that note, i am done with my first post.

nice to meet you.